Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two New Bills Introduced in October

Nashville Metro Councilman Jim Gotto introduced two bills last October. One would bar landlords from collecting rent from illegal immigrants and ban those landlords from renting at all in the county after the first offense. The second would suspend the business license of employers who hire illegal immigrants. Source: Volunteer Voters

Something has to be done, our citizens are suffering with over population as well as losing our jobs to people who will accept lower pay.

I think the most effective way is to get companies to comply with the employment laws. If they have no jobs they won't be able to afford a place to live, thus going back home.

Making it the landlords responsibility is making him a "police." Someone could show him fake documents and then he has done his job.

There is one alternative to this is the larger rental companies who have people on staff that would be experienced at looking and verifying these records, such as apartment communities. They seem to have the highest populations of hispanics. A landlord with one or two houses isn't going to be able to police it and thus get their privileges taken away.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Nashville & Hermitage has spoken.

Congrats to Jim Gotto for retaining his seat. A good moral man is something to be said and Nashville spoke. I am sorry I didn't get to post much in Jim's blog as I already volunteered to help with the Buck Dozier blog as well as some computer work for the campaign.

Huraay for Hermitage. When I first moved to Nashville I lived in Old Hickory near Hopewell. My first experiences of Nashville were great. I feel that Hermitage is one of the safer cities that surround Nashville and I look forward to moving back there real soon. My daughter is so excited about going back to Dupont Hadley. My first experiences with this school is probably the best experiences I have ever had with any of her schools in Chattanooga.

Looking forward to some great things for Hermitage.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association

Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association announces plans of a Candidate Forum for candidates who are running for a Metro Council seats in the Donelson & Hermitage area. It takes place on June 25th, 7:00 pm at the Hermitage Police Precinct at 3701 James Kay Lane. The forum is open to all.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jim Gotto-Just a Nice Man

Jim Gotto running for re-election for councilman in the District 12-Hermitage. I just met this man the other day and he impressed me right off the bat. He seems to be very down to earth and wants to help people in anyway he can. I didn't know he was running but now I do I feel obliged and happy to help him in anyway I can. I will be posting more about Jim Gotto as I know more.